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Top Organic Make Up Must Haves!

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organic (2)There’s a reason some of the world’s famous celebrities do not look like their real age. And it’s not because of surgery or anything! Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez (just to name a few celebrities) are one of the titleholders when it comes to organic makeup. Not only the organic product takes care of their skin, but it is also healthier for the environment. Of course getting that “perfect” skin isn’t just about makeup but also do yourself a favour and eat clean.

Organic products are getting popular these days, not only they are not harmful in our skin, but most of the companies of organic products do not use animals as a testing model. Most of the organic make-ups came from real minerals and plants sources, so it’s guaranteed no one is harming who.

Mini Organics Superfine Jojoba A must have for all women and even men! This product of mini organics can be applied to literally everyone, even babies. Superfine Jojoba is a soothing moisturizer, especially for dry skins. It is also a perfect to be the “oil” for massages. Not only that but the Superfine Jojoba contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances that are perfect to relieve all annoying itchy skin conditions. This also works as a great moisturized for acne prone skins.

• Ecco Bella’s Vitamin E Lip Smoothers – is perfect especially for sensitive and dry lips. This lipstick contains Tocotrienols and Vitamin E than can help your lip stay healthy and fabulous! What’s best is that all ingredients are organic and natural. It has castor oil, organic jojoba oil and manganese violet ingredients, just to name a few.

organic (1)• Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara – is also considered as America’s #1 natural eye makeup brand. This mascara was the first ever product that has natural lash fibres that are perfect for the eyes. Not only this mascara is ophthalmologist approves but it is also hypoallergenic that is perfect for sensitive skin types. Best thing is this mascara costs less than 10 dollars! It does the same thing as chemically infused products, but this one is better.

• Origins’ Anti-Aging Power Serum – recommended for people who wants to look five years younger! In just two weeks, this serum can help you reduce visible lines and wrinkles. One of its ingredients came from anti-aging plants that are guaranteed to be great for sensitive skins. With continued use, it the anti-aging effects will go down on you in no time.

• Zuii Organic Foundation Primer – Best for hypersensitive and dry skins, this organic foundation primer contains nourishing components that help protects your skin in just 1 apply! It contains natural product resources like Aloe Vera, chamomile and calendula extracts that hydrates the skin while reducing line of wrinkles. It also contains Rosa Damascena Waters that helps relieve inflammation and reduce oil on the skin.

Josie Maran’s 100% Argan Oil this argan oil came from nature and were 100% organic and chemical-free. Argan oils were the secret why many Moroccan women look so young and fresh. This argan oil came from the Argan Tree that contains Vitamin E that is best for all skin types! It’s best for people who are allergic to chemical infused products. It has no fragrances and no preservatives. Definitely a win-win situation for the consumers!

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How To Choose An Epilator

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batteriesThis is a device that can really help you get rid of all unwanted hair from different parts of your body like around the bikini line, arms, and even legs. Epilators are powered by electricity from power sources such as sockets or regular battery. They work by pulling out hair with the help of a disc tweezers.

They were invented 30 years ago, but they are still quite popular because of its usefulness. Its original designs were quite different from how that are looking today. Moreover, they were working principle was quite different from now. Those days, the main element was a spiral wire that vibrated and were notorious for catching hair between the spires, by removing the hair from the roots down.

The truth of the matter is that the process was quite painful and not as effective like today. It required a person to pass the device several times in the same area so as to remove all the hair. The limitation was that it could only grab longer hairs. This caused many people to bear with having hairy legs for about one to two weeks before you could use the device again.

The best thing is that all these problems are now over and you could use your device any time or day. Due to advancement in technology, the device is based on rotating discs that spin as different angles. Their edges meet the skin on the surface as required. This helps in gripping all the hair no matter the size. With this design, you will fell less pain than how originally it was.

In most cases, these devices come with two speed regulating speed. This feature helps any person using the device not to feel pain during use. Some of these appliances feature several each of them suitable for a specific area of the body. They are usually shaped in such a way that they allow easy and effective epilation of the areas they have been designed for. The heads are very easy to remove, so you can switch between them in seconds. You can learn more about epilators from the brand websites.

cleanMoreover, today cleaning these devices is very easy. You can use a soft brush to remove collected hair around the blades and at times you can remove the hairs by blowing them, and others fall down by themselves.

Anytime you go to the market to choose an epilator; there are several things you need to consider before purchasing them. The biggest thing to consider is the cost you are willing to spend on these devices. The truth is that they are fairly inexpensive and they range between $200, to $300, while others range between $50-$60. The more expensive these devices are, the more features they have. You may not need those additional features so; there is no need to pay for features that you may not use.

However, if you want all those fancy features, then you should go for an epilator that offers these features. Generally, by going for those latest generations that can work underwater is advisable. With these devices, you can remove hair while taking a shower at home. It helps in reducing the effort of cleaning after removing hair. They make grooming yourself much easier compared to those that are not waterproof.

It is equally important to read some reviews before buying any epilator to identify what you are looking for in your device. This is the first step of finding the best device for you. Moreover, when you are at it, you can also compare prices to get a device that you will enjoy at an affordable cost. Generally, these products are worth investing on especially if you do not like having hair.

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How to make your own facial products

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Women like to look beautiful, there is no question about it. And that is exactly why they spend thousands of dollars a year on products that can help them achieve that beauty. However, most women don’t even know that they don’t need to buy all that expensive stuff, because there are some things that they probably already have at home that could be use as a beauty product. These natural things can be used as a replacement for all those expensive products, and have been used as such for centuries before. So, without further ado, let’s see what are those natural products that could replace all the expensive beauty goods.


Every woman should have a nice and soft face skin, but they probably did not know that they can achieve this by making a facial scrub out of grapes! Yes, that is true, grape can be used as a facial beauty product, and that can be achieved by mashing some grapes and straining them in order for the pulp to be separated from the juice. The, all that you have to do is to remove the skin and mix up the juice and pulp with almond flour. And there you go – you’ve got yourself a perfect natural facial crème.

Oatmeal-Honey-Mask-3Another way to make a facial scrub out of natural products you probably already have at home is by mixing some oatmeal and water. Now, you’re probably thinking that it can’t be just as simple as that. Well, as a matter of fact, it is. All you need to do is to take some oats and squeeze them tightly. Then, some water should be added, but just a little, to make the oats a bit dampy. Then, after that, you just need to scrub your face with that oatmeal, and it is said that the difference can be seen pretty much immediately.

Banana-and-Honey-Mask1There is also a third way of making your own natural facial crème, and that is by using some honey and some bananas. This is also not that complicated to make, but you need to follow the directions precisely, or else it probably won’t work. First, make sure that the bananas you have are not too ripe, that is, make sure that they are not too soft. Than, chop that banana into pieces, and mash those pieces with about three table spoons of honey. Make sure you mix them up rather nicely, and then, once you see that they have been mashed and mixed, you can immediately apply that mixture to your face. Now, all you have to do is to leave it sit on your face for about 10 minutes, and then, after that, you can rinse it off completely.

So, as we have seen, there is no need to waste money on expensive facial product, because you can make your own, ones that are not as expensive, that are pretty cheap, and ones that can be made out of things you probably already have at home. Not too bad!

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